"ABRAXIA THE DANCER" by JTK.CA -- (23 Poems)

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"ABRAXIA THE DANCER" contains 23 of my poems inspired by a woman named Abraxia.
She is real; her name is not. I used to have an unrequited crush on Abraxia;
we were never more than friends.

TAD is "JTK.CA" NudistPoet
Jonathan Tad Ketchen (Creative Adventurer)


"THINGS (Abraxia's song)" by JTK.CA

"THINGS (Abraxia's song)" by JTK.CA

You give me too many things.
I don't want things.
I'm drowning in your affection for me.
I want you to be thingless
When you come to me.
I want to see you,
Not your products,
Not your creations,
Not your poems.

You give me too much of your heart
And try to manufacture love for you in mine.
But I regret to inform you,
You're not licensed to work in my factory of emotions.

You give me too many things.
I don't want things.
Be thingless when you come to me.

Then, maybe things with us can happen--
As friends,
As friends,
As friends.

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