"ABRAXIA THE DANCER" by JTK.CA -- (23 Poems)

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"ABRAXIA THE DANCER" contains 23 of my poems inspired by a woman named Abraxia.
She is real; her name is not. I used to have an unrequited crush on Abraxia;
we were never more than friends.

TAD is "JTK.CA" NudistPoet
Jonathan Tad Ketchen (Creative Adventurer)


"THANK YOU (To Abraxia)" by JTK.CA

"THANK YOU (To Abraxia)" by JTK.CA

You've been a well of inspiration,
Bringing me closer to the God
I never knew as well as now.

Are you my guardian angel?
I don't know,
Yet I know you better than I know anyone else.

You're the friend who never lets me down.
You only build me up
More than you'll ever know.

Together we go
On separate tracks
Toward the same station,
God's Holy Nation.

Leading different people
In each train,
Someday soon
We'll meet again.

Destination reached
Safe and sound,
We'll meet the God
We've sought and found.

On that someday-soon, I'll say to you,

"You never let me down.
God's handing you your crown.

You only made me grow
More than you'll ever know.

You only made me see
It's Christ that I most need."

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