"ABRAXIA THE DANCER" by JTK.CA -- (23 Poems)

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"ABRAXIA THE DANCER" contains 23 of my poems inspired by a woman named Abraxia.
She is real; her name is not. I used to have an unrequited crush on Abraxia;
we were never more than friends.

TAD is "JTK.CA" NudistPoet
Jonathan Tad Ketchen (Creative Adventurer)


"3 SINÉADS..." by JTK.CA

"3 SINÉADS (Dedicated to Sinéad O'Connor, the First Sinéad; Abraxia, the Second Sinéad; and Nancy McDermott, the Third Sinéad*)" by JTK.CA

One is singing.
One is dancing.
One is stretched on a grave in a graveyard.

You are the third one,
Living a song
Sung by the first,
Danced by the second.

One song shared by three
Will never explain the mystery
Of me and you and her and her.

Living with the lie of death,
You're not deceived
But you cry just the same
For death leaves a stain
Of memories of a friendship
Never to be lived again
In this world of fools.

Nothing I know
Of why
The first and second
Sing and dance.

But I do know
You each deal with your unique griefs
In separate ways,
Feeling so the same
While you feel so different.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
* Nancy McDermott, the third Sinéad (in this poem), is my fellow poet, best friend, and kindred spirit.

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