"ABRAXIA THE DANCER" by JTK.CA -- (23 Poems)

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"ABRAXIA THE DANCER" contains 23 of my poems inspired by a woman named Abraxia.
She is real; her name is not. I used to have an unrequited crush on Abraxia;
we were never more than friends.

TAD is "JTK.CA" NudistPoet
Jonathan Tad Ketchen (Creative Adventurer)


"THE FEAR OF KNOWING (Ode to Abraxia)" by JTK.CA

"THE FEAR OF KNOWING (Ode to Abraxia)" by JTK.CA

Lost in the beauty of whom I see,
In a crowded room, I look at you,
Longing to know how you feel about me.

As my eyes meet yours, I realize
You were already looking at me
Before my vision met your eyes.

Do you know?
Do you fear?
Are you waiting with an open ear?
I do know;
I do fear;
I've been waiting, staying near.

Never knowing the right approach,
I've been waiting and waiting,
For fear I'd encroach.
Never knowing what time is right,
I've been waiting and waiting,
Night after night,
Day after day,
Silently singing an unsung love song.

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